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4 pc set

FOODSTIKS compostable wood cutlery is your best sustainable alternative to disposable single-use plastic. It is 100% NATURAL, 100% RENEWABLE, and 100% COMPOSTABLE.

FOODSTIKS are made in the most efficient way from 100% Natural Birch Wood. Birch is a fast-growing tree that has been used for decades to produce tongue depressors and popsicle sticks...and now to make our Foodstiks. All of our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

No chemicals are used in the manufacturing which makes our cutlery food safe and eliminates any hazardous waste or byproducts.

Our wood 4 pcs sets are available in bulk packaging of 200 set cartons and 1,200 set cases. Ideal for food trucks, restaurants, salad bars, caterers, or any foodservice professional using disposable cutlery in bulk.

They are customizable with logo print and in certain cases, the shape can be adjusted to your needs. Please CONTACT US with any custom requests.