Foodstiks Disposable Wood Cutlery dispenser

Foodstiks Launches the World’s First Wood Cutlery Dispenser for Sustainable Dining

Published at Perishable News  - 01/25/23

Foodstiks, Inc., the forward-thinking eco-friendly brand known for its premium line of 100% natural, 100% renewable, and 100% compostable birch wood cutlery, is about to launch its sleek, stylish, and convenient new cutlery dispenser. The attractive dispenser distributes one unit at a time, reducing contamination and usage. It has a capacity of up to 200 pieces of cutlery and reloads quickly and easily.

Meet the St. Pete startup getting eco-friendly with wood cutlery

Published at Tampa Bay Business Journal  - 08/18/22

Ina Henderson and her husband, Jim, have long been in the woodworking game: Jim had his own flooring company, and Ina worked in reforestation. But after Ina saw an art installation of a whale made entirely of plastic, coupled with the mass amount of plastic cutlery she bought for her daughter's birthday party, the Hendersons realized they needed to make a change. 

The University of Oregon Has Named Foodstiks as a Supplier to Help Them Meet Sustainability Goals and Provide "Green" Cutlery at the World Athletics Championships This Summer

Press Release on  - 07/07/22

Foodstiks is happy to announce that it will be featured at the 18th edition of the World Athletics Championships, which are being held at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon July 15-24, 2022.

Knock on wood: Sustainable cutlery maker gets big boost from national retailer

Published at Florida Business Observer - 02/08/22

Buoyed by a deal with Target and the movement away from single-use plastics, Foodstiks believes the time is nigh for its brand of disposable wooden utensilswith a sustainable alternative to plastic.


GoSolo by SubKit - Interview with Co-Founder Ina Henderson

Published at  - 01/20/22

To start a big idea with a small team and limited budget! There is a lot of potentials, but you can't do it all at once. Pace yourself, focus, and stick with the plan. Now Sells Environmentally Friendly Wood Cutlery from a St. Petersburg-Based Company

Press Release on PRN - 01/13/22

 Foodstiks, a company known for their compostable wood cutlery, is pleased to announce that their revolutionary premium cutlery 24-piece boxes are now available on Foodstiks is delighted to collaborate with in its efforts to provide consumers with a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Tasty Find - So many pancakes, and what to eat them with?

Published at The Austin Chronicle - 12/17/20

Because, with Foodstiks, there’s no fuss, no bother, and no plastic involved – because Foodstiks are forks and knives and spoons made of wood.

Get Product-Ready For Upcoming Holidays

Published at Independent Retailer - 12/15/20

Whether your customers are getting ready for Cinco de Mayo parties or other family gatherings, these compostable wood cutlery sets are the new, green way to eat.

Wave Goodbye to Plastic with Foodstiks 100% Earth Friendly Cutlery!

Published at Hey Do You - 11/25/20

Single use plastic has become one of the biggest environmental challenges of our times. If we don’t change our habits now there will be more plastic than fish in our Oceans by the year 2050. Every year 40 billion pieces of plastic disposable cutlery are used in the US alone. Wood cutlery is the only sustainable alternative to plastic. It is 100% natural, 100%, re-newable and 100% compostable. Change from plastic disposable cutlery to wood disposable cutlery today and be part of the solution, not the problem!

The Perfect Holiday Gifts: Home Edition

Published at Hello Betty Co. - 11/14/20

One thing we all tend to use a lot no matter if we are at home or away is disposable cutlery. I know during the holidays (this holiday will be different) I use disposable cutlery because honestly, there is always so much to wash. I am in love with the Foodstiks compostable wood cutlery that is made actually from birch wood. This is a perfect alternative and a great thing to keep on hand if you enjoy camping like we do.

CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Cajun Christmas all wrapped up

Published at Port Arthur News - 11/10/20

Did you ever eat in the woods? Or with “wooden” guests? Foodstiks invites you to dine with birch wood, because their cut-above cutlery is formed with biodegradable birch wood, forming attractive fork, spoon and well-ridged knife sets you can feel better about.

FOODSTIKS Disposable Wood Cutlery

Published at Progressive Grocer - 10/21/20

80% of Americans say they are concerned about the environment and more than 2/3 of consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase.

From Beauty To Tech: Online Holiday Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

Published at Living Out Loud Los Angeles - 10/12/20

One significant way the industry is making an environmentally-friendly change is with compostable cutlery. Not all compostable, however, is the same. 

Holiday Gift Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

Published at Kellys Thought on Things - 10/02/20

The difference between compostable wood and compostable plastic is substantial. Foodstiks is disposable wood cutlery that is the only sustainable alternative to plastic. 

2020 Holiday Travel Gear

Published at Chris Cruises - 9/24/20

One significant way the industry is making an environmentally-friendly change is with compostable cutlery. Not all compostable, however, is the same. The difference between compostable wood and compostable plastic is substantial.

Foodstiks Introduces 100% Eco-friendly Wood Cutlery on Indiegogo to Beat Plastic Waste Endemic

Published at Digital Journal - 07/01/19

Foodstiks; award-winning disposable wooden cutlery. 100% completely natural, renewable and compostable. Aimed to relieve the planet of the menace of growing plastic waste.

Foodstiks: Wood Cutlery Is A Viable Alternative To Replace Plastic

Published at PR Underground - 06/11/19

Florida based company plans to replace single use plastic cutlery with compostable wood cutlery.

Tampa Bay company helps restaurants reduce their plastic waste

Published at Tampa Bay Times - 09/17/18

It is no secret; our society is producing way too much plastic waste. Single use plastics are as convenient as they are toxic for our environment.

Dining Out Radio with Foodstiks

106.1 FM, 104.3 FM, WTAN-AM 1340 Tampa Bay, WDCF-AM 1350 New Tampa - 09/12/18

Best New Products Announced

Published at Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association - 09/08/18

Editors from several leading industry publications identified 12 innovative new products that were presented to the media and buyers. The best new product from Pitch the Press was Foodstiks for their wood compostable cutlery.