How restaurants can reduce plastic pollution in 4 simple steps

Plastic pollution has grown into a massive global problem and solving it will take a momentous effort. Out of the top 10 biggest contributors to plastic waste in the nation, eight of them relate to single-use plastics like bottles, plastic knives and forks, single-use shopping bags, and fast food containers. A lot of the products given away as part of a restaurant service end up as litter, with more than 80% of that made up from plastic products.

Restaurants can help reduce the world’s plastic pollution with four simple changes to their service.

Take Stock of Plastic Usage

The first step for a restaurant to reduce its plastic pollution footprint is to first know how much plastic is being given away. Once you know your plastic footprint you will understand how much of your plastic is disposable, how much your plastic is costing you, and understand which products to target which will make the biggest impact.

Create a 4 Step Plastic Reduction Plan

The plan to reduce your use of plastic is a simple four-step process.


  1. Phase out Plastic Packaging

Eliminating your plastic packaging is an excellent way to reduce your costs and play a part in reducing the world’s plastic pollution.

  1. Cut Back

 Try substituting plastic disposables with durable items that are multi-use and replace plastic items with compostable ones.

  1. Reuse

Ceramic, stainless steel, glass, wood, and even durable plastic items you can use over again will dramatically impact your plastic footprint. Multi-use bags, mugs, and containers are also a marketing opportunity for you to insert advertising into your customer’s home and businesses. Another alternative is to offer a small discount for customers who return the packaging.

  1. Swap to Compostable Products

Wood disposable cutlery and other plant based products are compostable and easily break down when left out in the environment. You will need to ensure you choose 100% plant based products as a few brands are blended with plastic filler.


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