Our Story

FOODSTIKS is based in St Petersburg, Florida and was founded in 2017 by Ina and Jim Henderson

Have you ever done something totally normal and thought to your yourself: “There’s gotta be a better way!”?

My name is Ina Henderson, co-founder of FOODSTIKS Compostable Wood Cutlery, and here is why we started this company.

I had just finished packing up everything we needed to celebrate our daughters 2nd birthday at a little park nearby, bubbles, cake and disposable tableware. With a few minutes to spare while my husband was getting her ready, I checked my phone and up popped a photo of a 30 feet high whale made entirely of disposable plastics! The artist/ activist installation was to illustrate the amount of plastic waste being washed into our Oceans EVERY SECOND!!!!! 

The image was etched in my brain now, and as I watched our little girl and her friends eating cake with the plastic cutlery we had just purchased at the supermarket. I decided right then to part of the solution and not the problem. 

I could not stop thinking about the enormous sculpture and what it meant! We started changing our habits and drastically reduced using plastics. But we quickly realized that, what is really missing are alternative products to single use plastic.

Jim has been working with wood for the majority of his professional life. In my 20s I used to work on social and environmental projects in Central America. One in which we planted over 8,000 trees. Wood cutlery just totally made sense to us and the idea of FOODSTIKS was born.