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My name is Ina Henderson, Jim, my husband and I are the founders of Foodstiks.

I grew up in Magdeburg, Germany and Jim was raised in California. I have a bachelor’s degree in  European Politics and Jim manufactured  wood flooring in Ventura, California for twenty years. We both traveled the world and as destiny would have it, we met on a small beach on the Pacific coast  of Nicaragua, where we ended up living and running a guest house for a few years.  We now are married with two children and are based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

3 years ago I came across a picture of a 30 feet high plastic whale sculpture. It symbolized the amount of plastic trash that is being washed into our Oceans every second. I was shocked! I was aware plastic was a problem, but I was not aware of the rapid speed this was happening.

Our society has become extremely depended on single use plastic, that we are now drowning in it. Meanwhile many people are aware of the problem and are changing their habits. But if we want to avoid to have more plastic in our Oceans than fish, we also need to start thinking of ways to replace plastic in our daily lives.